When I got to graduate school, I knew I wanted to focus on trauma.

I was buzzing with excitement to learn everything I could about becoming a trauma therapist. However, my idea of what I thought I needed to do to achieve that goal was way off.

All I wanted was someone to tell me what trauma book I needed to read, or to show me what workshop I should be attending that I thought would launch me on my path; or to point me to the website with all of the trauma articles I should be reading; or the conference I needed to attend, wherever it was.
Those were the thoughts racing through my head.

As I think about it now, I cringe a bit. I didn’t realize how off-course I actually was. I couldn’t see that the book, or workshop, or conference, or article, that I should have been searching for and studying all along was the one that had my name on it.

In other words, I should have been focusing, and who I was. 

But I didn’t really see the value in that. In fact, I was pretty sure that anything that had to do with me, personally, I had locked down and dialed in already.

What This Ebook Is & Who It's For
This ebook is a beautiful 50 page PDF download which is geared towards educating, supporting and inspiring those who are just staring out on their trauma-informed journey and looking to work with indivuals who have been impacted by trauma.

In this ebook I provide a 4-pillar process that I've gleaned from over the 250 podcast interviews I've done with the thought-leaders in the fields of trauma, addiction, mindfulness and yoga, to guide, to support you, and to inspire you as you begin your journey.

Thank you,